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Ways to be a Helpful Commuter

Do not commute without self-control. Which simply means, if you cannot control yourself on the train, it would be best if you commuted by yourself. In New York City, no one has time to deal with unnecessary bullshit. Everyone has a place to be, putting up with your childishness is the last thing on a 8am commuter’s list.

Secondly, be considerate of others. You are not more important than other people, everyone is tired at the end of the day. Keep the volume to a minimum when on the train.

Thirdly, the most important! Keep a cool head. Its a struggle everyday with the MTA. More stress will just pile up, its best to idle yourself with something to avoid the inevitable train delays.


“Alan, I don’t. I have a lot of things that I’m working on. My main job now, at this time in history, is I’m fighting the federal government, seven days a week, 24 hours a day,” Cuomo said.
In fact, the governor denies he has effective control of the transit agency, even though he controls six of the 17 MTA board members. But either way, wouldn’t he want to be the one held accountable, in order to solve the problems directly?


The fact that the governor of New York City is incapable of stepping up to fix this problem head on shows how the MTA’s problems have gone. It has come to the point where even the governor feigns his responsibilities for one of the most important aspects of the our city. We need to bring more awareness to this problem. There would be much more ease on the commuters part if there was a work in progress to change the MTA system besides the new stations (which take forever to build).

Cuomo on the MTA

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Video footage of a young man being brutally beaten while riding an MTA subway train was released by police on Tuesday.

Joe Tacopino writes that on Tuesday, May 21st, 2019, a man was brutally assaulted on the train. Cops are looking for both the victim and attackers. All their footage comes from social media which does not distinguish the faces of the attackers. The fact that this happened on a subway train shows how there is a lack of safety on the train and the safety of passengers in compromised.

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Unsuccessful Teen for the MTA

The overall goal of this project was to call attention to the issues in the MTA. Since we began working on our project, we have not gotten any attention from Cuomo as we wished. We also did not reach 100 signers on our petition. Though we did not achieve exactly what we set out to achieve, I believe that both my and those around me’s learning has been expanded greatly. Both my partners and I are now aware of the issues in the MTA as well. We learned how to manage social media accounts, and got our message out there, which in my opinion is a triumph nonetheless. Realistically however, we did not achieve what we set out to achieve so this should be considered unsuccessful.

The goal of our petition was to gain 100 signers on our petition, which we did not do. When you visit the site of our petition, we have 14/100 followers. Our goal audience was not achieved. Our petition was meant to be a way to achieve our goals, and by not promoting it, we hindered our ability to do our best. It was only promoted explicatly on instagram 2 times, with the link in the bio. On our blog it was promoted 3 or 4 times by me explicitly. Again, with the number of times we promoted our petition, the signer count in understandable. We did not achieve this, thus we were unsuccessful.

Another goal of this project was to bring attention to our topic, specifically to draw the attention of Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York since 2011. Cuomo’s attention would have been the attention that could change the MTA. Though since the initiation of this project we have retained followers and views, we have not retained the one which truly matters. This would lead to me to say that this was unsuccessful because we did not make true change in the MTA. Since I expected to make a change I was gravely disappointed.

We did not achieve our goal number of signers and did not reach Andrew Cuomo. I did however learn a lot. I learned how to run a social media account, how to manage and write on a blog. I learned how to make memes, create content that pulled in an audience, and finally how to promote. These are skills that will continue to help me to make a change in the MTA and the world. Next time I could promote my posts more, and address different audiences. I could use a more common hashtag as well. Though this project was unsuccessful, I would deem this a step in the right direction. A step for teens in the MTA.

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Reflection on My Project

This week is reflection week and I think that this project has taught me a lot about the difficulties of being an activist and that it takes a lot of dedication to make something successful. This taught me that many people struggle to get their message across and that it is hard to capture the public’s eye and raise awareness about the issue.

Check this post I made on Youth Voices, it has more information about the reflection.


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Memes for days

This meme is VERY relatable. Someone is having their fabulous morning coffee and they are surfing the world wide web before work. They are checking the MTA times, and they realize that the one train they can take, the seven train, is delayed. They are late for work, lose their job, end up homeless, and die. This sounds very bothersome to me, and it is an inevitable occurrence. Stay updated on our blog, and social media, and you can help prevent these occurrences. Sign our petition!

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Youth Voices

This is an update about the media concern with the MTA issue, Ive uploaded a blog post on youthvoices.live. Here is an excerpt: “The most notable problem that my presentation discusses is something that is often overlooked: homelessness on the MTA.” I think that we should be encouraging the MTA board to find the best way possible to satisfy the needs of the public, however, that is idealistic thinking. The best way would be for everyone to pay the fare and help the MTA as much as they can. Please spread the blog post and spread awareness of the MTA!!


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THIS IS A LIVE INTERVIEW WITH A CONCERNED NYC STUDENT. THIS SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. IT IS TRAGIC THAT SHE MUST FACE THESE CONSEQUENCES. In this video we discuss delays, traumatic stories, and some of the most real issues faced by students.

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Please share our blog

There are not many people viewing our blog, please share the blog or even mention something about the MTA because awareness will turn into action. Thus, even more reason you should share this blog. There have been recent improvements by the MTA, please spread awareness.

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“It’s unacceptable, and the MTA has to do a better job of controlling its costs.”

This is said by Governor Cuomo at an unrelated press conference according to the Post Editorial Post of the New York Post. Cuomo is finally showing the public that he sees that there is a big issue in the MTA. Pat Foye, the new MTA chairman is also taking action to fix the level of abuses of the time. Hopefully, more progressive action will be displayed to the public in the near future.

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MTA service improvements

The MTA’s numbers for January show what the agency says is a “dramatic” improvement in service from the same time last year: This January, weekday on-time performance was at 76.7 percent, compared to 58 percent last year; on weekends, it was at 83 percent, compared to 64.7 percent in 2018. And there were 42,348 weekday delays, which seems like a lot—until you compare it to the 76,287 that occurred in January of 2018.

The improvements of the MTA are sure facts that the government is becoming more aware of the importance of the MTA. An increase of 18.7% is impressive considering how little people cared about the MTA. From this point on, there can only be more improvements in the future. As the public in order to give back and encourage these improvements, the least that we can do is pay the fare to provide money for these changes.